Термобелье Ruskovilla

Уход за постельным бельем

Ruskovilla bed clothes

Millet husk pillow

* Use covered with a pillowcase.
* When the cotton cover needs washing, open the fastener and shake the husks out into a suitable container.
* Wash the cover in a washing machine (40-60 C).
* Refill the clean cover with the husks.
* The husks don’t need to be washed as they don’t accumulate moisture or odours.
* The millet husks should be replaced with new ones in around every five years.
* The old husks should be put to a biological waste centre.
* You can acquire new husks from Ruskovilla.

Duvets and mattress overlays

* A sufficient care for these is light brushing and regular airing.
* Dry cleaning.
* Do not wash with water as wool wadding would get clumpy in water.
* Stains can be removed with gall soap. Rub the dry stain with dampened soap,
let it affect for a moment, and rinse carefully under running water or with a soft dampened sponge.
* Fight house dust mites by keeping the bedclothes for an hour in a hot sauna (60 oC) or outside in about minus twenty degrees for 24 hours.