Термобелье Ruskovilla

Постельное белье детское


* Silk duvet 80 x 100 cm
Top layer of dense cotton cloth,
silk wadding filling

* Millet husk pillow 25 x 35 cm
Top layer of dense cotton cloth,
millet husk filling

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* Baby blanket ca. 70 x 95 cm
soft  organic wool tricot,
triple layered

* Cover for changing table ca. 75 x 90 cm
100 % wool teddy

* Swaddle cloth 90 x 120 cm
Soft unbleached organic cotton flannel

* Sheep's wool fleece, washable
honey-coloured or white


A swaddling cloth / light summer blanket

Baby will feel warm and safe inside a swaddling cloth as it gives the same close feeling that the baby feel inside the womb. Swaddling clothes can be used at least during the two-three first months. It also is a splendid light summer blanket.

Multipurpose woollen teddy cover

The cover for the changing table made of woollen teddy cloth can also be used as a shield from wetness because moisture and odours will evaporate when the cover is aired. You can slip the teddy cover in the baby's pram for outside naps. It also makes an excellent duvet cover. Proper airing is usually enough, but it can also be washed by hand or in the machine with delicate hand- or wool wash programs.

Washable sheep wool fleece

The high quality washable sheep wool fleeces by Ruskovilla are made so that they are safe for your baby: they are treated to be constantly hygienic and contain no detrimental elements, they are also tanned to be machine washable. Our wool fleeces arrive from New Zealand that has long traditions of tanning leather for different purposes.