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Пряжа Handknitting


Пряжа Flocky, клубки по 100 гр., натурально-белый цвет

100 % шерсть
Пряжа Flocky is an untwisted pre-stage of normal knitting yarn,
it is soft and absorbent and is suitable for handknitting of e.g. nappy pants.
Instructions are included for knitting various different models of nappy pants,
and a bonnet and booties (Instructions only in finnish and swedish).
Pants require approximately 70-100 grams of yarn,  a bonnet 50 gr and booties 50 gr.
Long knitting needles no. 4-5, short needles no. 4.
Knitting density: 10  stitches = 5,5 cm and 10 rows = 4,5 cm

Silkwool handknitting yarn, off-white

50/50 % silk and wool
2-strands,  skein of 100 g = 350 m, needles 2-2,5
3-strands, skein of 100 g = 230 m,  needles 3-4
The silk part of the yarn is of scribbled silk patches from our cutting room
and the wool part of finnish sheeps wool.
Is excellent also for vegetable dyeing.

Bamboo knitting needles

Long needles, 2 pcs, length 33 cm
Short needles, 5 pcs, length 20 cm
no. 2,5
no. 3
no. 3,5
no. 4