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Sonett uses tensides only from renewable raw materials that can be broken down in five to seven days. Ecological olive or rape oil and volatile oils are used as rawmaterial for soap. Sonett products do not contain petrochemical products, enzymes that cause allergic reactions, chlorine compounds, phosphates, synthetic perfumes or colorants.


Olive washing liquid for wool and silk

120 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr

The olive washing liquid contains olive and rape oil (partly from biodynamic and biological farms), sugar tenside and essential oils of lavender. It is suitable for hand and machine washing at up to 40 °C, particularly for sensitive fibres such as wool and silk.

Gall soap for stain removal

100 g , 120 ml

The gall soap contains palm oil and coconut butter, bovine gall and chlorophyll. Excellent, efficient stain remover, suitable for removing grease, blood, berry, fruit, wine, dye, ink and chlorophyll stains.

Wool care agent

120 ml, 300 ml

This wool care agent contains wool grease, olive soap, sugar tenside, lecithin, botanical concentrator and natural essential lavender oil. The wool care agent softens woollen garments which have lost their natural oils in use (e.g. frequently washed nappy panties) and protects the wool fibre from premature wearing, allowing wool to better maintain its moisture-absorbing quality and softness.

Ruskovilla Olive oil soap

100 g

Olive oil content > 81 %

For handwashing of wool and silk wear. Suitable for cleaning of leather and felting. Excelent for handwashing and shower.