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Material info

Made in New Zealand. Merinomink - environmentally friendly novelty from New Zealand.

Merinomink accessories are made from 100 % natural fibres. Merino wool is blended with luxurious Brushtail Possum fibre, soft angora and smooth silk. Possum, original Australian opossum (Trichosurus vulpecula), belongs to species of marsupials. It’s

fibre is hollow and very light trapping air both within the fibre and in the fabric, which makes garment incredibly warm. Merinomink accessories are refined combination of supreme comfort, excellent long wearing properties and beautiful design.

In addition to this Merinomink accessories requires less washing, because natural fibres reject contamination and cleans themselves while they are airing.
Merinomink accessories are environmentally friendly, because Australian opossum is biggest ecological threat for New Zealand’s vulnerable nature. In 1837 Australia opossum was introduces to New Zealand, where opossums are legally classified as pests. Opossum doesn’t belong to original species of New Zealand and with no natural predators, it has spread out uncontrollable almost to all over the territory of island state. Estimated Australian opossum population is about 60 million, which now threats native nature. Use of Australian opossum fibre benefits to protect native forest and species of New Zealand. Both VWF (World Wildlife Fund) and DOC (Department of Conservation) have endorsed using possum fibre in textile and garment industries in order to balance the nature of New Zealand.